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2D Flower, 2016, Elspeth Diederix/Stigter van Doesburg

Old acquaintances and new talents at Unseen Amsterdam

The sixth edition of the renowned fair for contemporary photography again offers plenty of surprises and inspiration. The truly pioneering event taking place from 22 to 24 September at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, offers many accompanying programs such as CO-OP, the Book Market and the Living Room, The Exhibition, Onsite Projects and City Programme. At …


Paulo Simão - Goodbye Pyongyang - The South Edition

Goodbye Pyongyang – Paulo Simão

This week, I stumbled across this adorable project, which, especially after the recent events in Pyongyang that made the world pretty much shudder, touches on issues perfectly related to this. The Portuguese photographer, Paulo Simão, takes us on a fictitious trip to North Korea, and handles two very exciting aspects in doing so: the extremely …


Freya Najade - Along the Hackney Canal - The South Edition

Along the Hackney Canal – Freya Najade

‚Along the Hackney Canal‘ by the German-born and London-based photographer Freya Najade shows a romantic and mystical landscape in an area of East London which one would not expect in this region. Freya Najade’s work seems like the embodiment of contemporary landscape photography, what is meant here as a pure declaration of love. Her pictures are …


Philippe Bordas - Souley - The South Edition

Stuff we love from the Paris Photo Fair 2016

A year after Paris attacks and the related early termination of the Paris Photo Fair 2015 the persons engaged in the cultural sector are looking into the future. There is a great solidarity – however, it is a long way to return to normality. Here we can only show a few works from the sheer …


Between the mountains and water - Zhang Kechun - The South Edition

Between the mountains and water – Zhang Kechun

After viewing the images of Zhang Kechun his work did not release me anymore. „Between the mountains and water“ is more than a specific view on today’s China. These images have a soothing influence and it feels like coming closer and closer to a supposed awareness of life and to a very personal view of the …


Fabrizio Albertini - Diary of an Italian Borderworker

Diary of an Italian Borderworker – Fabrizio Albertini

With „Diary of an Italian Border Worker“ the italian photographer Fabrizio Albertini takes up the thematic of cross-border workers in Switzerland, a situation that is well known to many people in the neighbouring countries. Border workers are workers who travel daily across the border to get to their workplace. They are confronted day-to-day with the …


Artificial Infinite - Fernando Maselli

Artificial Infinite – Fernando Maselli

Landscapes, as they could not be more beautiful and lonely. Symmetrical arranged mountain ranges and peaks, staggered in the depth. The digital works of photographer Fernando Maselli appear almost meditative. The images of his series „Artificial Infinite“ show nature – but an artificial landscape, a corrected nature, constructed from original images and various digital techniques. …



Kudzu Project – Helene Schmitz

„Biological Invasion“ is the correct term for the spread of a species in an area where it is not native. A distinction is made between natural migrations and human-assisted introductions. The latter can have immense effects on the ecosystem of an entire region, which is why this is also called an „invasion“. With her „Kudzu Project“ the Swedish …


Ether, since 2014 (ongoing), © Matthieu Gafsou

Ether – Matthieu Gafsou

The ongoing series „ether“ by the Swiss photographer Matthieu Gafsou makes highly aesthetic structures of human existence and civilization photographically visible. The resulting fine lines and delicate shapes seem to underlie unitary principles and appear as a higher-order structure that is reminiscent of the shape of nature. The captured and seemingly structured phenomena reminiscent of chemical …


Gohar Dashti / Stateless 2014 , 2015

Stateless – Gohar Dashti

With her work „Stateless“, the Iranian artists Gohar Dashti has analysed the subject of flight and migration. The series of staged photographs attempts to explore the aspects of citizenship, refuge and asylum and the need to find a secure place in a new environment. The spectacular scenery and the carefully staged protagonists confronts us in a restrained way with such situations of searching for an identity and a sense of security after fleeing from wars, violence or repressive regimes.   „In every corner of the …